Dr. Tony X. Zhang CCN, PhD.Nutrition & Chinese Medicine Consultant


It's my life's mission to help people who suffer with physical, mental and spiritual ailments.  You CAN be healed. You CAN recover. You CAN live a long, healthy life - despite what you've been told. I am a medical doctor as well as a 2nd generation Chinese medicine practitioner. I combine my academic and clinical knowledge with ancient, traditional and effective Chinese medicine. The result is holistic, natural and whole body approach to health and healing. My clients find relief, they find healing and most of all, they regain control over their own health. 


  • Started training in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the age of 7 years old
  • M.D. from the Western Medical University 1983 in China
  • Physician in Red Cross Hospital of Guangzhou
  • PhD. in Molecular Biology and Molecular Pharmecology from Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo 1993 in Japan
  • Sr. Researcher for UTSW Medical Center
  • 25+ years experience in research and clinical settings
  • Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, 2009
  • Professional member of IAACN (International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists)

My History

I began studying traditional Chinese medicine at the age of 7, I was taught by my grandfather who was a renowned Chinese medicine doctor. I was his understudy for 8 years, after which I acquired all of his patients and began my first practice.  I had a desire to learn more about how the body works and how to heal people so I pursued an academic career in medicine.

I graduated from China’s first military medical university, Western Medical School, in 1983. I went on to earn my PhD in Molecular Biology & Molecular Pharmacology from the University of Tokyo in 1993. I spent the next 15 years very active in cancer research. Armed with both traditional and scientific understanding of medicine, I realized that if the body receives precisely the right nutrients, it can effectively and permanently heal itself. In order to better serve people, I obtained my Clinical Nutritionist Certification. I have been serving people in Plano, TX and beyond for 15yrs.

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Help For All

I can help you wherever you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection and webcam, I can assess, diagnose and advise you via Skype. Or, if you live in or near the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I can assess you in person. Click here to find out more.



The body has a very strong self-healing capability. When a cell becomes damaged, it has the ability to heal itself. All we have to do is provide the correct raw materials to facilitate regeneration. During the regeneration process, the cell doesn’t need drugs; it just needs natural raw material: lipids/essential fatty acids, carbohydrate, amino acid/protein, vitamins, minerals and oxygen. When the body gets the raw materials it needs, it will apply the raw materials to the functional part of the cell and the cell will recover by itself. This is not a quick fix. Depending on how long you’ve suffered with your illness, it can be a long-term process to achieve healing. But the root cause of your symptoms will be cured.


Obstacles to Healing

In the US several environmental problems exist. One major problem is the deterioration of food quality. Stressful work environments and unhealthy living conditions also negatively impact our health. Eating foods void of nutrients and working/living in stressful environments causes the body to become susceptible to illness. Additionally, sometimes being depleted in vital vitamins and minerals isn’t the only reason for illness. In many cases, spiritual problems lie at the root of disease. My purpose is not only to treat the physical body but also the spiritual problems that can only be addressed by seeking God.


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