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  • "I'm on top of the moon! My 8yr old daughter has had chronic stomach pain since she was 3. We've been to a zillion specialists, had an allergy test, an endoscopy and a colonoscopy and no one could tell me what was causing her pain. When I finally took her to see Dr. Zhang, he didn't ask me why we came. He asked to take her pulse and within 5 seconds he looked up at me and said, "She has a weak stomach. It's inflamed and often causes great pain. It's on the right side and is caused by a gluten allergy." His description of her symptoms was spot on and I never filled out an intake form, nor did I tell him why we came. In 5 seconds he told me what western doctors could not diagnose in 5 years. Finally some relief for my baby! We got herbs and a new vitamin regiment to boost her levels. More than anything we are THRILLED TO FINALLY have some answers!"
    -Jasmine T.
    Little Elm, TX

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