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What is a Vision Call?

A vision call is a Skype call that allows Dr. Zhang to use the Look, Listen and Ask method to provide an accurate diagnosis.

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How Do I prepare?

In the days leading up to your appointment, take notes on your symptoms, sleeping and eating habits, moods and energy level. Write everything down and be sure to share with Dr. Zhang. Keep in mind, Dr. Zhang's approach is holistic mind, body and spirit. Even things that may not seem related to you will be relevant to your diagnosis.

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What Should I Expect?

Expect a calm, stress free appointment. Expect also to be amazed at how quickly and accurately Dr. Zhang will be able to pick up on your symptoms, lifestyle and health conditions. Appointments are 15-25mins in length.

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Common Queries and Questions

We understand that our East Meets West approach to healing may be a new process for you. You are welcomed to ask as many questions as you need for you to feel comfortable. Understand that you've most likely become accustomed to a symptom-based approach to health. You'll enjoy being addressed and assessed as a whole person rather than fragmented parts. Should you have questions please contact us via:

  • Phone - Give us a call!
  • Email - We will write back promptly.
  • Website - Many common questions are addressed right here on the website.

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