Dr. Zhang is an amazing and a blessed person period. I started visiting him 07/01/2016 for my out of control Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed 07/04/2001. I have been on every FDA approved and black box labeled drug available. What brought me to Dr. Zhang is when my world renowned neurologist was going to put me on this FDA drug called limptrada and abagio, tysabri. Drugs that can cause cancer or death. 04/29/2016 I was given a ivig drug called immunoglobulin therapy and long story short my baby 3 days old was about to lose his mother literally, I went into anaphylactic shock. Ill be frank I did not believe what Dr Zhang was telling me because I have had this disease for so long and it seemed hopeless. However, with God on my side he directed me to Dr. Zhang and from there according to Dr. Zhang the antibodies that produced this disease has stopped. If you want to have quality of life look this Dr up. Let him help you feel alive again. I refer everyone I know to him hands down. FYI, the only pain in his therapy is the TEA the taste should be forbidden, but it helps heals your body. I LOVE EASTERN MEDICINE.


Dr. Ty






July 16, 2015


Dr. Tony is about getting to the root cause of your issue and then truly letting you heal your own body. In my personal experience, rheumatoid arthritis with painful and deforming joints was the symptom. The root cause had to do with my autoimmune system being “broken”. During the several months of restoring my autoimmune system, I observed steady and observable progress (less pain, more joint mobility, lifestyle changes) on a weekly basis. In my visits with Dr. Tony, he also gave me immediate feedback that to me was credible and verifiable in a scientific manner.

Dr. Tony would read my pulse and give me numbers as to my blood sugar, kidney function, thyroid function, digestive function, and rheumatoid factor. These numbers were verified with medical blood tests. This immediate feedback, and what I could observe with my own progress, kept me on track over the several months of rebuilding my immune system.  

I thank Dr. Tony for helping me get to a much healthier and younger 47 in feeling and doing (from my drivers license age of 67); meaning that I feel much more alive and energetic than 20 years ago! This is much different than taking a pill or other such quick fix to get rid of the symptoms – and Dr. Tony’s approach, recommendations, reassurance, and knowledge is what I have been looking for. This approach could be described as teaching or coaching someone to health using what comes naturally from mother Earth – as opposed to what is made up in a laboratory from synthetic materials. And to me it was reassuring that the teacher demonstrated that he knew what he was talking about with knowledge and immediate feedback in a professional manner.

It was also helpful to my conscious mind that Dr. Tony has four doctorates. Going back to my understanding of the original purpose of a doctor being, to teach the patient to heal themselves; this is so different from the modern medicine of today.


Charles Matthew

Mabank, TX





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