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Board certified clinical nutritionist offering educational consultation for individual life style change, through nutrition balance and herb supplements to improve various medical conditions.

Introduction of Dr. Tony X. Zhang

Dr. Tony X. Zhang started training in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the age of 7 followed his grandfather. He was trained in ancient Chinese medical theory and practiced in the old fashion way of Chinese medical clinic. Along with 10 years of Chinese medical experience, he chooses to further study Western medicine when he had the opportunity to enter the universities. After 5-year study in the First Military Medical university, he obtained his M.D.

From September 1983, Dr. Zhang started his clinical practice in several different departments: cardiovascular disease, nephrology, endocrinology, and oncology, while he has been using both Chinese medicine and West medicine setting. During the practice in oncology clinic, Dr. Zhang decided to further study in a higher academic institute to have a better understanding of cancer genetics and cancer programing cell death.

From March 1987, Dr. Zhang admitted into a PhD program in the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Tokyo majored in molecular biology and molecular pharmacology. His main research achievement was the genetically alternative function substitution in the cells of the gene deletion.

From January 1995, Dr. Zhang had his postdoctoral trainings in SUNY Buffalo, and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Research area including PKC cellular functions, calcium-induced calcium release in non-excitable cells, cancer cell cycle control, protein structure and new drug development for antibiotics and cancer treatment.

In 1999, Dr. Zhang spend almost 10 years working in UT Southwestern Medical center. The majority work was to be figuring out the molecular and cellular differences between normal and cancer cells.

After one year nutraceutical research experience in Mannatech Inc., Dr. Zhang finished the clinical nutrition training in October 2009, and obtained his Clinical nutritionist certificate. Since then, Dr. Zhang started his full-time nutrition and TCM consultant services up to date.

It’s Dr. Zhang life’s mission to find out the spiritual ailments in people who suffered with physical and mental illness and during their healing journey.

101 E. Park Blvd. #240, Plano, TX 75074

Phone: (469)618-6223